Coronavirus 11: third wave’s the charm

It's rare that a policy decision meets with almost universal disdain and derision. Angering and disappointing detractors and supporters in equal measure, while still not really addressing the root problem, takes a special kind of skill. We here in Ontario were witness to just such a total collapse of governance on April 16, when provincial … Continue reading Coronavirus 11: third wave’s the charm

Internet content mill, 250 words at a time

It has now been one whole year since the first quarantine measures were put in place here in Ontario and elsewhere across North America. I don't have much new to say about this unwelcome anniversary, at least nothing I haven't already said in previous scattered posts on the pandemic. I have not had much inclination … Continue reading Internet content mill, 250 words at a time

Coronavirus 10: close encounters of the bird kind

Here in Windsor, and soon across most of Ontario, we find ourselves in the grip of a 4-week lockdown. I find it useful to think back to the initial constraints imposed as the pandemic spread in early 2020 and governments responded. Reeling from the enormity of that first lockdown in mid-March, including the abrupt move … Continue reading Coronavirus 10: close encounters of the bird kind


Just about a year ago, the governor of Kentucky, Republican incumbent Matt Bevin, found himself about 5000 votes shy of re-election against challenger Andy Beshear, a moderate Democrat and son of former governor Steve Beshear. Bevin, a brash businessman known for big talk and inheriting his family's wealth, had never held public office but decided … Continue reading Reckoning

Coronavirus 8: masking up and throwing down

The pandemic has introduced me to a guilty pleasure that I must confess: I really enjoy watching videos of people freaking out about having to wear a mask or other protective face covering in public places and when shopping. It is equal parts educational and deeply disturbing to watch someone simply lose. their. shit. when … Continue reading Coronavirus 8: masking up and throwing down

Burning down the house

Police departments across the US are out of control. They often operate without effective civilian oversight or accountability. They are stocked to the gills with military equipment. Policing drains huge amounts from the public purse, compounded by millions wasted on lawsuits for misconduct. Most officers don't live in the communities they police, and present themselves … Continue reading Burning down the house