Colonialism past, present, and future

There is as I write this a vigorous discussion on social media and, I would assume over email, regarding a piece, titled "The case for colonialism" and authored by Brian Gilley,  that was recently published in the academic journal Third World Quarterly. A petition is circulating to request the journal retract the piece and issue an apology … Continue reading Colonialism past, present, and future

The body and the workplace

I had initially planned to write something about Charlottesville for my next post, but after reading so much the last two weeks about neo-Nazis and the far right and debates over free speech protections and Confederate monuments and the jagged edges of political debate about public space in the US right now, I decided I … Continue reading The body and the workplace


I’ve started preparing for my fall semester courses, including my introductory human geography course, and am thinking of examples to explain one of the more ‘fuzzy’ concepts upon which my discipline rests, geographical imagination. The fuzziness of this concept lies in the contested nature of any claims to describe a place or accurately and fully … Continue reading Russia