Coronavirus 7: perfect, beautiful, nasty

This is a short post, and it is merely to state this: I genuinely don’t think the current President of the United States knows the difference between positive and negative when it comes to the results of medical tests. I think people around him have probably patiently explained this to him multiple times, to no avail. I think he only conceives of the world and every single thing in it as a matrix of good and bad press about him, and so he is confused at how something ‘positive’ (the result of a medical test for a potentially deadly novel virus) can be so ‘negative’, when in fact ‘negative’ is bad and ‘positive’ is good. How can that be? Words mean what they mean, and he only ever uses three adjectives anymore in any case: things are perfect (his latest coronavirus test, his phone calls), beautiful (walls, chocolate cake, models of coronavirus deaths, runway models, other walls), or nasty (female reporters and their questions).

I also don’t think the President allows a doctor to jam a massive cotton swab 6 inches deep into his sinus cavity every day either, nor do I think the White House physician would really allow him a prescription for hydroxychloroquine, given that his cholesterol is relatively high, he is over 70 years old, and that drug when taken unnecessarily causes heart arrhythmia and other potentially fatal cardiovascular problems. But I don’t know, all things are possible. What I do know for sure is this: over 1.5 million people in the US have tested positive for the novel coronavirus; almost 100,000 of them are dead (by contrast, about 116,000 US soldiers died in World War I); this is likely an undercount of cases and deaths; and the poor, racial minorities, and the most frontline and precarious workers have been disproportionately affected. Every single one of these deaths has occurred on Donald Trump’s watch while he tries to figure out the difference between good and bad.