AAG Denver 2020 with kids

As I discussed in a post from back in April following the last meeting of the American Association of Geographers (AAG) in Washington, DC, attending a large academic conference with family can present many challenges. I suggested at the time that a fun and useful project might be to create an open map of the host city in advance and have people with some local knowledge contribute to it, highlighting places and activities that would be good for children and parents, such as child-friendly restaurants, educational and entertainment options for spouses and children who don’t want to or can’t attend the conference sessions or who need time away from the bustle of 9000+ people in a hotel complex, parks and playgrounds that might otherwise go unnoticed, and so on. I have taken the initiative and created just such a map using Google Maps for the Denver 2020 AAG meeting set for next April. At least, I think Ive taken the initiative. If anyone else has already done exactly this or something like it, please let me know and perhaps we can combine talents. Spoiler alert – my talents in this regard are meager.

The link to the map is here, but for the moment I have made it non-editable, just so I can see if there’s anything amiss with how it’s set up on my end. If you know anything about Denver and want to add places to the map please send the details (place name and a short description) to aagmeetingforchildren @ gmail.com and I can add it to the map. In a week or two, once I see whether and how this is going to work, I can make the map fully editable for anyone with the link.

And don’t pretend you can’t get behind baby ducks as an accompanying image for this post. They’re so fluffy.

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