Research reports available

A quick post while I hammer away at a post on Trump and borders, actual research papers for publication, and, most recently and frustratingly, a bunch of IKEA furniture. I have written here before about my general research focus on the state as a workplace and the geography of expertise in the state, and the specific interest in the restructuring of the Canadian state’s diplomatic, trade, and development institutions and personnel via the merger of the Canadian International Development Agency and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade over the last few years into the single department of Global Affairs Canada (GAC). I wanted to share some results from that research here, so my readers can see what it is I actually do with all this grant funding and in my day job. From this work on the CIDA-DFAIT merger, I am in the midst of preparing a paper for submission to a journal, and another conference presentation, this one for the joint meeting of the International Geographical Union (IGU) and Canadian Association of Geographers (IGU), this August in Quebec City.

In the meantime, as part of my responsibility to disseminate results to research participants and the public in a timely manner (academic publishing is verrrry slooooow), I prepared a research report on what I’ve done in the past year under the umbrella of my SSHRC grant funding. This is the second research report from this project, in addition to the paper I published with one of my former research assistants in The Canadian Geographer last year (paywall there, but if anyone wants a copy just let me know via email). These reports can also be downloaded from the Scholarship at UWindsor online repository. They’re not really meant for quoting and citing, but I am happy to discuss the work with anyone interested, and can provide copies of papers once they’re accepted for publication. Again, that’s a slow process, slowed even more by other duties at work and home. In any case, this is my research, and there’s more to come.