In my professional life, I am an academic — a teacher, researcher, and scholar working at a university and paid to cultivate and share my little garden of expertise with students, colleagues, and the public. I have built and continue to develop certain intellectual, institutional, and political commitments that inform my work, and which in turn are shaped by my experiences in the classroom, as a researcher, and as an engaged ember of my university and academic communities. The world is a big, complex, and dynamic place and the goal of any work I undertake is open, honest, transformative debate and dialogue with my readers, students, and colleagues. You can read more about my research and teaching interests and activities on the pages devoted to those.

Part of my purpose in creating and maintaining this website is to relate my own extensive travels and my more general interest in places to a wider audience as a way of engaging students and other readers with some basic facets of human geography. The blog portion of this site is the Places section. Here you will find short reflective pieces, longer expository posts, and even some creative writing, all informed by a geographic perspective. I also have a list of my academic publications on my research page, and am happy to share copies of these works upon request.

I also have an official university website maintained by my department at the University of Windsor. If you would like to contact me, you can email me at my university email account listed to the right. All content on this site is maintained by me alone, and I alone am responsible for it.